Primary School

Compulsory Swedish schooling includes nine years of primary school, starting at age seven. According to law all children between the ages of 7-16 years must attend school. The option to start school is offered the year they turn 6 years old, but it is not compulsory.

Public schools are allocated based on where you live, but requests can be submitted for a particular school subject to availability. In addition to public schools, expats may also choose between private schools and international schools. There are two types of International schools, those that follow the Swedish curriculum (taught 50% in English) which are free of term fees, and those that are independently managed. International schools can be a great option for families staying in Sweden for a short term, or when one parent does not speak Swedish.

The state offers Modersmål (mother tongue) education for students who speak another language everyday in their home. Once a minimum of five students with the same language have applied, the lesson is provided weekly. The lessons may be held outside of the school calendar, or possibly on another campus.

Secondary School

Following primary school, students may attend an elective three year secondary school, where they will either prepare for higher education or receive vocational education. Although it is elective, most students attend secondary school.

After School Care

The Swedish school system is designed to support working parents. Schools offer after-school care at a minimal cost. Each municipality has a maximum cost bracket, calculated based on joint household income. The fee is determined by the number of children within one family that attend after-school care or preschool.

  • The youngest child: 2 % of the income, maximum around 1100 SEK/month
  • Next to the youngest child: 1 % of the income, maximum 500 SEK/month
  • Next child: 1 % of the income, maximum 500 SEK/month
  • From the fourth child: no additional fee

It is important to provide complete joint income information. If your joint income cannot be confirmed, the maximum cost will be applied.