You’ll love it here

High Quality of Life

High Quality of Life

Beautiful Scenery

Beautiful Scenery

Family Friendly Culture

Family Friendly Culture

People love living and working in Sweden. You’ll enjoy the high quality of life, beautiful scenery, family friendly culture and so much more.

As an innovative leader, Sweden is home to many world famous brands, such as IKEA and Ericsson just to name a few.

In fact, Forbes ranked Sweden number one on its annual list of Best Countries for Business.

A Great Place to Live and Work

If you’ve been recruited to work in Sweden, you’re arriving at a great time!

Thousands of people are moving to live and work in Sweden to enjoy the incredible culture and thriving business community. Europeans are free to work in Sweden without immigration requirements - other than local registration.

With it’s highly skilled workforce, Sweden’s job market is competitive. The country provides some of the world’s best employee benefits and rights to support health and safety for everyone. Sweden is an innovation leader with high demand for technical talent. So, if you’re a software engineer, you’re in luck! Sweden has a major skills gap for software engineers - at least 20,000 will be needed by 2020.

Are you ready to find your dream job in Sweden? Check out these job portals to find it today: LinkedIn  and European Job Mobility Portal (EURES)

Swedish Management Style

Work side by side with top management. Flat corporate structures encourage managers to value staff input and facilitate consensus.

That’s why the majority of employees headed to Sweden are eager for success in their new positions. They know it’s a valuable opportunity.

Sweden Is Home Sweet Home

Our clients love the Swedish work life. Many extend their stay or choose to make it their permanent home.

In fact, a German family we worked with did just that. . After the father’s assignment in Sweden ended after three years, he was transferred back home to Germany. The problem was rest of the family didn’t want to leave! So Dad commuted from Germany to Sweden on weekends - just so they could continue to raise their children in Sweden.

We Help Expats Succeed

Sweden is a great place to work and live. We know it can still be a tough transition initially for expats, but we’re here to help you make it a success.

That’s where we come in. At NIM.MERSION, we offer several resources to help you get started in your new life. Our Motivational Mojo Email Series will set you up for success in your new position, and we register all new expats immediately upon starting their new careers in Sweden.

In addition, take advantage of our blogs and online support to help you with any challenges along the way - from the beginning of your assignment all the way through to the end.